Breaking free

Everything is connected

The way my grandma used to worry my grandpa was flirting around with other women. The way my mother stuck around in a marriage because she thought she had to stay the course. The way I used to be in relationships based on trauma bonding. The way the 25-year-old me used to seek out validation from relationships. Not just romantic ones but with friendships too.

I’m breaking out of it all.

Breaking the generational toxic pattern of needing just one partner to be happy. Breaking the age-old convention that people need to be married to be considered a happy relationship.

I’m allowing myself to just be free. To attend to my curiosities, to stay open to opportunities. And to continuously pursue expansion. Not an upward growth. Life doesn’t move upwards at all.

We’re meant to break.

And then expand.

Our souls want to show us, how limitless we are.

How condescending this human existence is – and at the same time, so naive.

I used to be so naive.

Oh how life has changed 🙂 Lifetimes have come and gone since 26th December 2019.

What paths lie ahead – once we consistently expand? And allow our minds to transcend?

I’ve been enjoying life in Bali. Meeting new people – friends and lovers. Been swimming with manta rays and trying out new activities. Life is amazing. And I’m so grateful.

I’m grateful I have no children. Is that bad to say? I’m glad I have no commitments and obligations to anyone – not even me. Not when I’m not ready. When I still want this freedom… do whatever.

I just remembered. My wedding hashtag was #Janenomorefreedom. haha.

Life is funny.

Freedom is truly….priceless.

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