I wish you all the best

The path to seeking enlightenment is long and arduous.

But over the last couple of weeks, I found the answer.

We all know that life is hard and completely out of our control sometimes.

But what we can control is how we react to the tsunamis that sweep through our lives and cause wreckage to our hearts.

Over the last couple of weeks, my mind swung from enthusiasm to moodiness, from being excited about the future to being depressed about losing Mr M.

My mind was obsessed about knowing the future. I went for a fortune telling reading, I consulted all my spiritual gurus and asked them the dreadful question “when will I meet my twin flame? When will I finally meet someone who will choose me so we can get married and have children?”

Just asking the question aloud now makes me wanna chuckle.

Still, the universe didn’t disappoint. Pattern app kept reminding me to focus on my talents and gifts, to touch base with my creativity and just let loose. So I did. I went back to dance, I continued yoga, I walked everyday mindfully.

I started seeing many angel numbers, and realized how aligned I was with my inner self. I started feeling this incredible calmness and peace, amidst the heart break.

“Let go.” My inner voice said. “This lesson is meant to teach you….to let go”

I’m not religious, but I do enjoy the teachings of Ajahn Brahm, particularly his book called “opening the door to your heart”

To cope with the breakup, I’ve been listening to his podcast episodes. And it’s true isn’t it?

We create agonising moments for ourselves when we want to control our situations turn out. We think we will be happy when we get good grades. And then we don’t and we take it as a sign of stupidity.

We think we will be happy if we get a good job. And then we do and we realize it’s not what we enjoy but because we worked so hard to get it, we stay in this job hoping we will one day enjoy it.

We think we will be happy when we finally find a partner. And then we go through a breakup or we lose them through death, and we have to learn the hard way that love doesn’t equate to owning people, but that love should be given and received unconditionally.

We keep trying to control events in our lives, thinking that happiness is achieved when we earn it.

The minute we start detaching though, is when we do start realising that happiness comes easiest when we create happy moments in our lives. We can do so by investing time into friendships and family. We can help others. We can actively pursue our hobbies and interests, things that make us happy.

We can always find ways to create happiness in our lives.

Of course, depression, sadness and anger are all apart of life. And they’re precious teachers that all teach us something important about ourselves.

Ultimately, detachment is also reminding ourselves that what will be, will be. And things are as they are, not what they were and not what they can be.

It is what it is.

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  1. I am sorry for your recent events and as I’m catching up to all I’ve missed I can literally read your growth. I’m proud of you.

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