Resist the temptation

Day 4

Resist the temptation to think “I have to be with someone by xx age and have kids by xx time” the social conditioning that forces us to accept this as a norm is strong. But we are stronger.

I stayed within the relationship that wasn’t the most fulfilling, even though I loved him so much, because at the back of my mind, I really wanted him to be the man of my dreams. I wanted him to be the father of my children, and my partner in crime for the rest of my life.

I knew. Deep down I knew.

It was too difficult for us to ever stay together. Because we wanted different things. I saw the signs and I ignored it. Because we were each others safety net.

Resist the temptation to now fall in love with someone else just to fill the void in your life. Fall in love with you.

The right person will never leave us feeling like the wrong person for them.

Resist the temptation to think “I should have done this. If only I did that.” If you were meant to be, you wouldn’t ever have to blame yourself for not being enough. Instead, use this time to check in on yourself. What needs do you have that were unfulfilled? And is it possible to meet them yourself? The answer is yes of course, we are always enough for us.

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