I’m an astrology student now?!

How did I get here?

I have never been the most spiritual person. And i’m definitely not religious.

But meeting Anabel in Pai changed my perspectives on things. Back when I met her, I felt so curious about so many things.

The motivations behind people’s actions (and my own’s) and the reasons why they behave a certain way. Almost as if they are unconsciously making decisions instead of relying on what their best selves would do.

Anabel told me about Human design and from the moment i looked it up, I haven’t stopped studying it.It’s been about 2 months since, and it’s incredible.

I’ve had to study alot because the readings are expensive. But there are many materials provided online to help us self-study. I spend every day getting lost in these books and articles, podcasts and videos.

It’s changed everything for me.

I’m so excited!

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