Plitvice Lakes National Park in winter

Mum and dad

The best thing about visiting the park during winter is having it almost all to yourself. In our 4 hours roaming around plitvice, we saw maybe 4 other people. There was also more water because of the rain that was pouring down the few days before.

Plitvice a month before, during Autumn
A month later – bare trees

Pictures say everything! I definitely feel that going during Autumn was a much better idea but we didn’t have a choice since my parents were in Croatia for the winter. Still, we made the best of our situation.

38 years of love
Super cool to see the fog descending into the lower lakes

We took the suggestion of the park attendant and took route E. It starts from the 2nd entrance of the park.

You walk on the boardwalk and see the tides on both sides
Chanced upon very romantic views along the way, thanks to the fog
Fog on the way to the big waterfall in the lower lakes
10m visibility while walking in the lower lakes
Fav pic of the day – last lake on route E before taking the tram back to entrance 2

There are many different routes you can take in the park during the warm weather days in plitvice. Winter weather would limit your choices if snowing occurs and freezes certain boardwalks making it unsafe to walk on. However, we had a magical day when the sun was up, there was a low fog covering the entire lower lake section. So the views were unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It transports you to another world, where fairies probably exist.

I’ll definitely come back to plitvice during the summer and we shall see what the difference will be. We had a great time, walking through the different pools, having a noon picnic and then being surprised by different sights while walking in the fog.

I’ll write about Krka national park in the next post and tell you how it went! Ciao