We love the way we know how to

I had a really vivid dream last night. Of my ex-husband and his current wife. I had met them in their new home with their children. His wife and I had a great conversation, although I don’t know why she seemed kinda sad. He was the same as before.

Once in a while, they come into my dreams. We are never fighting, always talking politely, at a cordial distance.

I like to think dreams are a way to show us that we are all fractals of the same energy.

When I first experienced Source, or Love. That’s what I felt. That we are all just different possibilities happening at the same time.

In a way, hatred lies on the same spectrum as love. And you can always feel love. The extent we hate shows the extent we love.

In this journey of love, I experience different realities of what could have happened if only so.

And I’m enjoying observing these possibilities. It’s fun, being able to “jump” realities just by changing thoughts and vibrational patterns.

Life is finally simple, and oh…..so fun.

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