Peaceful times

A good reminder

Ahhhhh, the peaceful life

I’ve been in Taiwan for a week and a half and thoroughly enjoying it.

This life without obligation or worry is truly precious.

I spend my mornings either with a workout and then a meditation, or just decide to write and let myself emote.

Last night the staff at this hostel brought me out to dinner. Taiwanese people are cool. I think Thai and balinese people are probably very cool too – I just don’t understand them.

I observe myself while in interaction with others. And notice how much I’ve changed. The urge to be reactive and defensive has fallen away. The need to be seen and heard has quelled. The desire to express also doesn’t really exist as much.

In short – I’ve become quite a quiet person who occasionally comments on something but otherwise doesn’t say much. I’ve become more introverted than before, now choosing to hang out with only 2 or 3 people at most.

I don’t organise dinners as I used to anymore.

I don’t crave parties.

I always yearn to be closer to nature, away from the city.

These days I hardly recognize who I used to be just 03 years ago.

I like who I am now – so much.

Ahhh…peace has finally arrived.

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