Little rewards

The training has been hard.

Breaking generational patterns is a marathon.

But at least it’s not like real running and my lungs are not on constant fire.

This healing process has been phenomenal, to say the least. Knowing that my urges, fears, instincts, and thoughts are inherited from possibly generations of women….has been freeing.

Every generation since has fought to heal a little from the last.

Every generation since….has felt the same resistance and made just a little change to their own lives so that the next one could lead a more free life.

Because of the women in my family who have paved the way – my life now is good. And ironically…..they all did so by tolerating years of waiting for men to love them better, to treat them better.

All so….that I can be free. Truly free. Financially, emotionally, mentally…free.

And there is no reward greater. Than knowing you can love and be loved but need not be bound to anyone but yourself in order to be happy.

No greater gift…than the knowledge that I have a choice not to be someone’s wife. Or someone’s mother.

Freedom is the ultimate reward.

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