the moment you decide to delve into the unknown

we bumped into each other last night. of course we would have. amed is such a small little village. my eyes landed on you with ease, and greeted you as i would an old friend.

i was happy to see you. and at the same time, i registered a sense of unfamiliarity – as if we are two souls untwining from each other, leaving each other much better than when we found each other.

i will always remember fondly, that we were magic for the amount of time we shared together – and now i bid you goodbye, as i deep dive into the unknown.

if my divorce was the low i needed in order to shake me awake and get me to start living, meeting you and sharing the last 2 amazing years with you was the safe space i didn’t know i needed – to show me that love truly exists. to show me that love can help people heal.

i never truly loved anyone until i met you.

which is why i know – it really doesn’t matter if we are together or apart. i love you either way.

and now, i go on my way – to fall in love with myself. thank you for showing me how. and thank for teaching me that all i really need is already within me.

i find myself, these days, at a daily crossroad, where life uses the opportunity to remind me not to fall back into old familiar patterns. not just familiar to me, but to my mother, and her mother.

check your inbox as many times as you want. re-listen to old messages as much as you can. but don’t lean into the temptation jane, don’t. don’t reopen doors that were shut close for you, because you feel it in your bones, that another path lies ahead.

you feel it – that still small intuition that’s saying “keep going!” “there’s something in store for you just around the corner!” it doesn’t even have to be another romantic relationship, it could be great friendship, a deeper sense of adventure, the opportunity to build a business. i have no clue what’s gonna happen, but i’ve been feeling excited about it since last year.

it doesn’t matter what happens in the future. it matters that you’re excited about the unknown.

our life is just a summary of every action we took, and did not take.

and some actions….are harder not to take, than to take.

sometimes, that’s the lesson to learn.

when to act, and when to hold back. now it’s time…to hold back. take a step back, breathe…..and let the moment pass.

it will always pass.

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