3 reminders from 3 years of travelling

1. Live. Truly live. There are always struggles and some cause of concern. But for every day your organs decide to coordinate and work for you, fucking live. Don’t just survive and let life slip by. Love life so much you can’t give a shit about petty events and gossip anymore. Love life and marvel at the smallest things that usually pass you by. Don’t live as though you’re on an express train to die. You ARE going to die. So while you’re not yet dead… Live.

2. You don’t find yourself. You are at any one point choosing actions you play out and how you wanna react to events. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. As long as you’re not harming anyone, transform in any way your soul is curious about. We can live multiple lifetimes with every transformation. Don’t say things like “that’s just me” or “my character is like that.”” Don’t give yourself labels that don’t serve your growth. Instead, ask yourself what you want? How does your spirit want to grow? How can your mind and body work to coordinate with your soul? We never truly arrive. And everyone can change. Anyone can transform.

3. You don’t want to be alone. So, don’t. Don’t push people away because you’re afraid. We’re humans. Humans weren’t designed to be solitary. We are magnificently equipped to connect with another of our kind. Have friends and keep your family/chosen family close. Love a lot. Love multiple times. Go deep into your relationships.

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