Big lessons from 2022

As I boarded the car ferry for Koh Pha Ngan for the final destination of our year, I started realising how different even this Jane is now, versus when I first visited Pha Ngan.

It’s no coincidence. I’m back on this island because this is where I had one of my biggest awakening moments.

With every awakening, it’s not that you literally “wake up” from being asleep. It’s you getting to know yourself more and, by consequence, getting to know the world more.

We are ALL, less our consciousness, made up of organic matter that came from this earth. We are all capable of understanding each other.

To think, we used purely materials we found on this earth to create so many tools so that humans can fly in the sky, travel across the ocean, and use devices to communicate, express ourselves, work together, and even find love.

We are definitely capable of doing more if we don’t manage to self-destruct and cause our own species to go extinct.

A couple of big lessons to end the year

1. We don’t have to chase anything. Not people, not things. We work on our own lifeforce, we work on expanding our own energy, and things and people that are on our same frequencies will naturally come by because “birds of the same feather flock together.” What will be, will be.

2. We are human beings.
And humans make a shit ton of mistakes. We were made to fuck up. And we are SO vulnerable as an animal species. Leave a human alone in the wild without fire, any tool, and you will why our greatest advantage as humans is our ability to communicate deeply and through that, cooperate and work together.

3. Nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary.

4. Everyone’s emotions are valid. No one’s pain is more important than another person’s. If you try and prove this, it will take a difficult time for you

5. You are what you do. Not who you say you are. People don’t trust your words. They trust actions.

Note to self: the only way to not fuck up is by not doing anything worthy in life. If you’re going to do stuff, be prepared to make mistakes.

But you KNOW yourself now, Jane. And you know what you’re made of.

So go do it. Whatever it is that you want to. And learn the lessons that will come after. 2023 is gonna be exactly like 2022 was – transformative, full of ups and downs, and fucking amazing.

Are you ready?

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