I don’t owe you coherence

Play the game honey.

This is the world ruled by whoever has the largest influence on people.

“but…but I don’t want to tell the world my story. Its not complete yet.”

You either tell your story yourself or have your story told for you. Besides, I don’t owe you a coherent mind. There is no such thing as logic in a tormented brain.

Your pain is your power to transform. Don’t waste it.

And don’t spend precious time listening to people telling you not to be emotional.

Your power is what they fear. Power to feel what they cannot feel. Power to override fear and achieve what they cannot even think to ever achieve.

Fuck the world Jane. Stop being a pussy. And stop giving your enemies so much thought. Are you going to change anything if you keep getting stuck in the loop?

“It’s not me, I can’t,”

You can’t control it I understand. You’re a basic animal. Your mind has impulses that control your body

Jane you are not just an animal, you have a life as human this time so live like the best one out there. Control your thoughts. Pave your own destiny. Whatever soul path you think you’re on, you can guide it to however way you want it to be. You are the painter now, no longer just a character in the story. You’re writing your own damn story now.

Can’t you see?

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