MARS retrograde was nasty

Haven’t felt the need to purge so much in such a long time. Oooofff.

I hope by now people realize Marianne doesn’t really exist. She’s a construct created by my mind. And I just use her as a character to villainize. I don’t know who my ex-husband’s new wife is. I have no idea who she is. And just based on her actions, I don’t think there’s much to figure out.

Marianne is my perfect enemy. Because every movie needs a perfect villain. And I want to create stories that have depth. I like writing stories. Mostly because I’m always in them. They’re always in my head.

I probably am crazy or bipolar, or both. Who knows. What is real or normal anyway? We are all living on a game. This world is only as real as multiple verses are. We are living in a blip of history. We are less than a speck of dust. Nothing we do really matters.

So fuck it. Do whatever the fuck you want lol.

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