A dream set in the future

Gideon and I are sitting on a bench in Pasir ris Park.

I don’t remember why we are here. But we aren’t angry with each other. We’re talking nice. And he is telling me all about their family. He also tells me they still have some debt left. And immediately, I try to wire him some money.

The real action starts when, for some reason, Gideon and I make our way to a bat cave. Marianne is there. And so is my family.

I find marianne seated on a bench somewhere, and she is startled to see me and Gideon together. Gideon walks away to find my parents. And I approach marianne confidently.

“Gideon is the only other person that has felt like family, other than my own brother. He has amends to make with my family. But you and I are only enemies because he once lied and pit us against each other. Marianne, I don’t understand your insecurity towards me. But you have nothing to fear. The more bitterness I have against you, the more I can turn it into love. And I will always choose to love you instead of hate you. Even though you make that task incredibly hard sometimes.

Marianne doesn’t say anything but stands up and gives me a hug. She looks calm and happy. Her hands are warm but not clammy.

We walk over to where my family and Gideon are. My dad is giving him a hug, and my brother is shaking his hand. My mother is taking a photograph of the moment (lol)

Gideon was family to us. And he broke our hearts. But as family are, we always just wanted to have that chance to say goodbye. In the dream, Gideon gave them that chance. He said thank you, and sorry and goodbye.

And then we watch the river rising in the cave. And weirdly, there are cats coming into the cave to eat the bats. It’s a bloodshed. As the river water rises, suddenly alligators surface and some of the cats get eaten by them.

Then the bats start to drip blood, and we all get rained on by blood. We go outside into the world, and the sky is a deep dark blue with green swirls in it. The sun is no more, we have been living in darkness for a while. Everyone has that awareness that the world will not be the same again. The temperature is now 38 degrees at all times, and we have to wear cooling suits to regulate our body temperature. Nobody drives anymore. We all walk, or some of us ride horses. Nobody even works anymore.

This is how the world is ending. It is a dystopian world. And we are all dying. None of us can survive without technology helping us. And technology is slowly weeding out the weak.

Our material worries have left us all because everyone is only worried about one thing – the rising sea levels that is threatening to consume us all. Already, many countries have been completely submerged. Our food sources are all cultivated in the labs, and some lucky mountain people have built walls to prevent us from ever entering their cities.

We are the outcasts.

We are the future zombies.

We are not going to survive this.

But at least, there is no war, and everyone is busy trying to make peace before our souls move on after this morbid existence.

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