Her body was never found

On the coast on Sardinia, a little boy screamed for his mama as he saw a human hand reaching out of the sand. He had thought it was a jellyfish and sought to dig it out for mama to see.

When the police came, however, the hand was nowhere to be found.

They put a request out for witnesseses and a woman responded.

“I saw this lady walking by the beach, with a thin jacket around her. She was wearing black nike shoes and had a red scarf around her neck. She looked cold, and had a blank look on her face.

My sister and I were having our weekly picnic when she walked past us. She had said “excuse me,” in a quiet whisper, almost inaudibly.

I took notice of her because she was asian. And it was odd to see asian tourists in Sardinia during winter. She walked over to that side of the beach, over where the rocks are, and she sat down for a long while.

Before we left, I had glanced over in her direction and she was lying down sideways, her head on her right arm, her face staring right into the ocean.

She seemed sad. And I wondered what had happened. But I didn’t want to disturb.”

No one had seen how Jane died.

But that was the day her anguish consumed her and she took her own life. Before she died, the tragic last words on her mind were of Marianne’s –

” We don’t owe you anything. Idk how to make it clearer to you…. stop trying to analyse us because it’s really pathetic and stop trying to analyse why his behaviour “changed”. He did it only to have a smooth divorce. Now that the divorce is done so is he! Guess what? If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is a fucking duck. End of story. 

Get that into your thick skull honey. Empty vessels make the most noise. Not everything is about you my dear child. Take a real good look in the mirror and stop acting like someone you’re not. At least we don’t pretend to be something we’re not. 

Yes i am being a bitch – i do not deny that but our past 9 months of silence while you defame him has already been a kindness to you, the poor ex who is healing from a marriage she didn’t want in the first place. Go figure. Our first move after this email will be to file a police report- not that you would get into any trouble so don’t worry yet, but so that we have an official record of what’s been happening. Also hold your dramatic horses because this isn’t a threat- we’re genuinely emotionally tired of constantly hearing from you and we aren’t public like you because honestly no one gives a real shit so this is our only recourse.

Our advice to you is to actually move on with some grace, composure and whatever dignity you have left. Handle your guilt for your failure in a better more constructive way and do something real with your life. This chapter is over so close it. Thanks and have a good life! ”

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