Human Design: Finding a blueprint

“Jane you’re so stubborn and it’s so hard to talk you out of things” – was a constant complaint I would hear from people.

“Jane, you’re so critical of yourself, you have to let things go”

“Jane, why are you so easily bothered by things that don’t concern you? Why do you care?”

“Jane, I just want to talk casually with you, why must every conversaton be turned into a discussion over serious topics?”

For 30 years of my life, I heard these things about me but couldn’t explain why I felt these impulses were written into my DNA.

Of course, there were good things even I would acknowledge about myself as well. Like my tenacity. My drive. The way I always want to be a better version of myself. The way I have now learned, after so many years, to just say “I agree, you were right” (took me a lot to learn this but it was so worth it)

People give so much credit to “Princesses” and “Angels” but they don’t realize that everyone has good and bad within them, and it’s impossible to be perfect.

I strived so hard to be “perfect” all of my life, and my divorce taught me I didn’t need to be. I’m NOT perfect and that’s NORMAL.

Learning about the Human design system has helped me so much. It’s shown me insight into why I am the way I am, and how I can express my inner thoughts better. I’ve got so much to share. Human design also explained to me why my life seemed so “complicated” even though it was never in my path to lead that life. I was in fact, manifesting into a false self ever since I took the easy way out by trying to fit into society.

Just wanted to document the beginnings of yet another learning journey. ✨️

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