I wanna show you real life

I like writing about good and bad times. Both equally interesting to me. Mundane moments of life are for rest and when I’m resting, I don’t feel like writing.

So I call out emotions from my subconscious whenever they get triggered, and I write a story based on how those events made me feel. And how I feel towards those events change very drastically depending on which version of my Self is experiencing the emotions again.

Sometimes, I still get freaking disgusted by the way I used to behave at a young age. Then my current Self remembers to show empathy to my younger self and say, but that taught you this. And you’re better off now because of it.

Sometimes I forget to take stock of how amazing life is. And then I meet someone who’s just starting to travel and is 1.5 weeks into their one-way ticket journey and I remember how unreal life seemed back when I first decided to solo travel

The point is, how we feel about things will change. Because the self changes. And often times, we feel multiple emotions at once. It’s just that every time you call out a memory, a single emotion dominates and we have to give it attention and acknowledgment. Once it got to say its piece, it’ll settle down and you’ll know part of you is healing.

I highly encourage you to have conversations with your Self. It’s a great way to uncover your own secrets and deepest thoughts.

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