I arrived at the airport of Milan, ready to depart for Singapore but was denied entry on the flight because I wasn’t vaccinated in a VTL country, so they wouldn’t let me on a VTL flight.

I didn’t intend to come home so soon but because of some administrative events, I had to schedule to come home earlier. Leaving Marco in Italy is sad, but knowing that when we reunite, it’ll be in my home country makes me excited. I’ll get to show him My Singapore.

The journey home wasn’t super smooth, it involved alot of hiccups, having to spend money for extra tests and flights, a 12 hour wait in Milan airport and another 12 hour journey back home on a flight.

As I went through the entire journey, I kept track of how I was feeling. How do I feel to be going back home again? This time, feeling so different? This time, feeling like a different person?

I’m no longer the Jane I used to be, but I’m also acutely aware that I’m in a transformation process – like a caterpillar spinning in a cocoon. I can feel the process happening and I’m aware of this change.

I’m excited honestly. I think in healing inner child wounds, I’m really allowing myself to dream and create like never before, to break down past thought processes, to break through and vibrate to higher frequencies.

To let go of judgment and fear of being judged.

Because this is real life, and humans are one big boggling mess.

None of us are ever acutely aware and in control of our lives and how we behave in them.

We make mistakes, we cry, we hurt, we suffer, we lose, we forgive, we mess up, and the cycle repeats.

We lose friends, we gain friends, we break up with family, we reunite.

Everything is always in balance though – the entire universe is.

What we take one day, we will have to give back on another.

How we behave one day, will always reflect in turn, onto us.

The words we speak to people, will one day be spoken to us.

And the way we hurt people, will always come back to haunt us.

This entire covid situation has been a great chance for lessons. It has forced us to quieten down, to reflect, to rethink and to act differently.

Is there a need for over-consumption? Do governments know what they’re doing? Do societies know? How are laws formed? Do children have future-ready jobs? What does the future look like – can anyone know?

In every great revolution in time, there exists two types of people – one kind who learn from their past and move on to be better, the other who hang onto their egos and insist on their old ways.

Which type of people will we choose to be?

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