Get angry. Get angry when you have every right to be. If you feel the rage start as a tingle, light that spark up and let it burn. Let it burn and feel the blood rush to your face. Feel that pulse coursing through your veins, carrying oxygen that will feed the fire. Let your blood boil. Feel your lips quiver and watch your pupils dilate. Stand in front of the mirror and just watch yourself get livid. Tell yourself “Let it fucking lit the roof up” and feel the heat rise to the top of your head. Put a song on and celebrate this anger. Celebrate because you are finally seeing your worth. Celebrate the fact that today you are realizing how much time and effort you have wasted on people who don’t deserve you. Feel your anger and harness it. Harness it into a power that you can use for good. A power that you can channel into a purpose that deserves your love and attention. Let nobody else ever waste a single second of your time.

Get angry.

Because it’s about damn time.

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