Ep.29 ‘You’re living in a telenova drama’

This is a piece of autobiographical fiction. Space and time have been rearranged to suit the convenience of the book, and with the exception of public figures, any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental. The opinions expressed are those of the characters and should not be confused with the author’s.

This story is written as an example to anyone who wants to believe that we are more than the patriarchy deems us to be, more than our limitations, and more than our fears.

31st January 2020 – Puerto Escondido, México

I’ve survived a whole month. A whole month after D-day.

México has been amazing.

I was in Oaxaca for 3 nights and met a group of amazing friends. They have asked me to join them at the coastal side of Oaxaca. This beach area is called Puerto Escondido and we can either take a flight or a 12-hour bus.

We’ve been lounging at the beach the whole day and the views are just amazing!

Puerto Escondido

It’s 8pm and a group of us from the hostel are hanging out at the bar for drinks.

One of the younger girls ask, “Ladies, I know we’ve just met but I have a dilemma. Could you help me please?” Eliza asks. “So my boyfriend and I haven’t seen each other for 3 weeks and we miss each other a lot. Right now he’s thinking of leaving his boys’ trip for just 2 days to come and meet me here. His friends are all saying he’s a wuss but he told me that he doesn’t care about them. He just wants to come and see me for a few days. Should I let him?”

Eliza is 21 and a very very sweet girl. The rest of us being a little older chime in with our thoughts.

“I think it’s amazing that your boyfriend doesn’t give a shit what his friends think. Good on him!”

“Yeah babe, why not!!! If you miss him too, ask him to come!”

Then one guy sitting next to us said, “Well if I were him, I’d just tell my friends I wanted to get some pussy. This way, he doesn’t look weak to his friends and he gets to come see you.”

You can only imagine what the 3 of us ladies thought of this bloody wanker.

I gave it to him. “It’s because of your ego that you don’t realize how insensitive and stupid that sounds. Telling 3 ladies that you would refer to us as “pussies” shows you just how daft you are. In the first place, you’re devaluing us. Just because you consider yourself to be a dick doesn’t mean you can sit here and disrespect us like that. ”

I don’t say this with a raised tone but with a very calm quiet voice. The calmness scares him off and he leaves the table.

“Brava!!!! Jane!! I love how you just told him off. He’s a real wanker, that guy. We don’t even know who he is but he’s been following us around since we met in the hostel yesterday morning. He hangs out on his own and he’s always rejected by groups because he says shit like that. He deserves it.”

“Sorry girls. I didn’t want to ruin the moment. But i’m kinda dealing with alot right now. Couldn’t hold my anger in. A month ago, my husband left our marriage and now his mistress is probably in the US with him. It’s been really hard to imagine the two of them together, especially when she’s been posting photographs of him all over social media. He also changed his whatsapp photo to one of them together and I’ve been the one getting so many questions about who that woman is.”

“Girl, WHAAAT??? First of all, how the hell are you married and second of all – she’s been posting photos about him even though you guys only broke up a month ago???” Cara says. Cara is a beautiful girl with long limbs, short hair and gives off a Moana vibe to me.

“Well actually, they’re already engaged. The thing is – I still love him alot. And before I left the US, he told me that he hasn’t quite made up his mind yet. We even….”

I can’t tell them yet. I can’t tell anyone yet. So I change the topic.

“But yeah anyway, it’s been a rough month. Mexico has been amazing though!!! I’m having so much fun. It helps me take my mind off things.”

“Jane you’re living in a telenova drama. My aunty is watching this show that is exactly like what you’re telling us. But if it were a drama show, by now the mistress would already be dead and your husband’s penis would be shot. So you’re really coping with this with alot of grace. You have to know this. ” Cara walks over and gives me a hug.

I smile weakly back. I don’t relate to what she’s just said. I don’t feel like i’m coping with this at all. In fact, I felt that Mexico is one big distraction.

But it’s better than thinking about my husband fucking another woman.

So i let myself be distracted. And we party the night away.

” Cara & Eliza – not their real names “

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