Pot calling the Kettle black

One of my favourite shows to watch and rewatch is ‘Grace & Frankie’.

After 40 years of marriage, 2 law partners finally tell their wives that they’ve been in love with each other and that they’re leaving their marriages to be with each other. They’re 70 years old and have finally decided to live openly as a gay couple.

The actors and actresses are amazing, but what I love about the show is how brutally honest it is.

When the wives first found out, they were livid of course. How could their husbands suddenly decide to tell them this? Why not 20 years ago when they were 50 and still had a chance to remarry? What were they supposed to do now at 70?

The show spans for 6 seasons, and you should totally watch it.

But I really love how through many different dramatic breakthroughs, the wives eventually become bestfriends and the 4 of them figure out a way to forgive and still be there for each other.

It is, of course, still a show and hardly reflects what reality is. But I have known of actual real life stories similar to this fictional show, where people have put aside differences and mistakes to forgive each other.

Anyhoo, I’ve been feeling alot more relaxed about everything. Ahhhhh it feels so much lighter really. Like alot of space has been created for positive feelings 🙂 And i’m finally able to FEEEEEEEL what happy feels like.

As much as I am still sad about how things happened, I’m also finally identifying the UPs.

I wanna be happy for them the same way I’m also really happy for me and Marco. But I also know i don’t need to be.

I know that D and I were never truly right for each other, and I remember looking at photos of them and really hoping they would be happy together. After all, to love is to want happiness for someone.

I’ve finally found someone who has shown me what true love can really be – and it’s so amazing. If true love is something they really have, how can I not be happy for them?

I’ve never believed that true love can only be found in one person. I definitely believe you can love different people at different points of your life. But it’s really rare to meet even one person who’s both compatible and one that you met at the right time of your life.

So, no matter what, I definitely feel like I’m finally “myself” again. I know that my therapist warns me not to think I can’t be angry/sad. She also reminded not to nee

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