Brain farts no one asked for part 1

1. Find your fears and do them anyway

2. Slow traveling allows your mind to absorb lessons about yourself

3. When you remove distractions, and give yourself time to think, you start observing yourself much clearer and that’s when the “finding yourself” part comes along

4. You start to realize your strengths and your weaknesses, your dislikes and likes

5. Everyone can be a friend. Learn to tear down boundaries between you and others. They might surprise you with their stories. You’ll learn to humble yourself.

6. Listen more than you speak. I’ve had to bite my tongue many times.

7. Learn from mistakes but don’t dwell on them.

8. Most people going through slow traveling heal better from trauma and then really know how to enjoy their lives. Either finding a passion later on or going back with renewed energy.

9. Cost is not as much as we think!

10. It’s definitely doable to travel sólo as a female!!!!

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