Things I do to feel better on down days

Hiiiiiii people. Last week, I discovered a part of WordPress where you can see how many people have viewed your posts/blog. And I got a real shock! I always thought maybe 100 of my friends and family members are reading this but it turns out that there are a few more of you. I just want to say thank you, for listening to me rant and letting me pour my heart out to you. Even though I write for no one, it definitely makes me feel better knowing I have a tribe of friends supporting me from all around the world. It helps keep loneliness at bay. And to all of you who have messaged me before, know that sometimes you reaching out was the very thing that lifted my mood up for the day. I treasure all of your love and so today I wanted to share a little on what I do when I’m feeling just. So. Fking. Down.

1. Put On Music

I remember in Mexico, when I was in Guanajuato, I would spend the entire morning listening to songs and singing to them. While listening to music, I would get ready, have a shower while singing still, and then the day would already feel a little better by then. Most of the time, I would switch between “happy songs”, but sometimes when I’m really sad, or triggered by certain events, I would just let myself be sad. By that I mean i would put on the most horrifyingly sad songs – cue “ill follow you into the dark” by death cab, “breathe me” by SIA. There’s even a playlist on Spotify called “sad songs for crying yourself to sleep” hahahahahaha. I would put on these depressing songs and just C R Y. Yes. Just cry!!!!!!!!!! After I cried, I would cry even more, and then wipe my tears and feel better.

2. Walk It Out

I know that most down days make you feel like staying in bed forever. Do that for as long as you want, and when you’re ready to feel better, put on your shoes and take a looooooong walk. Pick a destination or not, just walk! Try to leave your phone at home, and bring as few things as possible (but deffo water). You want as few distractions as possible. In every city or town I went to, I would take daily walks to a high spot, look out in the distance and take deep breaths. I would stay there as long as I needed to, just observing my thoughts and emotions. If I was angry I noticed my steps were faster and my heart beat faster. If I was sad my steps were heavier and my shoulders slumped forward. If I was anxious, I would trip over myself alot, and get distracted really easily and not be able to stay still in a spot. Walking helped to dispense some energy and also let my thoughts flow better. Some of my best revelations were realized during long walks. How long must the walk be? I would say minimally for 60 minutes. If possible 90 or 120 minutes.

3. Exercise

Angry because someone said some shit about you that was clearly to push your hot buttons??? Depressed because you’re heart broken? Sad because you didn’t get your promotion? Anxious for your exam results??? Whatever it is, exercise is gonna help. This I guarantee!!!!!

I still remember certain days where I’d wake up to a memory, or from a nightmare, and I would feel so out of control. I could feel my emotions all jumbled up, unable to identify themselves, all vying for my immediate attention. Those days, I would close my eyes, and take deep breaths in and out. Then I’d ask myself “what do you wanna do?” and the answer is almost “sweat it out”

For me, I’ve realized I need to do something about my emotions. I have never been able to just shelve my feelings aside and unpack them later. When they come, they come HUNGRILY. I’m one of those people who can neeeeever go to bed angry. Never. So a great way to deal with the tangled mess is to exercise. When you’re body is tired, your mind can now focus on things like replenishing it with oxygen and energy, instead of being so fricking demanding.

What kinda workouts? High intensity ones. Get your heart pumping fast. I did HIIT mostly because I don’t have access to weights. I like to follow Lili sabri/emiwong/pam reif workouts because they’re short and easy to follow. Plus while I’m calming my brain down, why not build my butt at the same time haajaja. For yoga, I like Yoga with Kassandra or Yoga with Adrienne.

4. Take a lemon shot and drink lots of water

This is just part of self care. But also the sourness from the lemon gives a kick to be like “ARRRGFHHHFJJDJDD”. Idk why but it makes me feel better.

5. Take a long hot bath. And then blast yourself with cold water.

Self explanatory. But just to distract myself from a down day sometimes I would take a long hot shower, and then switch suddenly to a cold shower for at least 3 mins. I also have no idea why this helps. But I always end up squealing and laughing when the cold water comes on, so maybe the laughing helps.

None of what I’ve written down is backed by science but it worked for me hahahaha. There are a few more things like watch a comedy, drink wine, call a friend to talk to, etc. But these are what I think helped me the most. I’m an impatient person, and I usually want immediate results. It’s not necessarily a good thing but I’m a work in progress. We will get to the patience thing next time okaaaaayyyyyy.

Ciao!!!!! Besos!!!!!

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