Oaxaca City

Wedding festivities spilling out onto the streets

Oaxaca City is a vibrant collusion of food, mezcal, culture and art. There’s always something brewing around the corner and the sight of tourists is common. Many go through oaxaca before going up north towards Mexico City or down south towards the Yucatan peninsula. Some just make a dedicated trip to Oaxaca for its beauty and abundance in Mezcal.

I had no concrete plans coming to Oaxaca and so, booked a hostel for a few nights. Little did I know, Oaxaca would be the place to lead me to even more beautiful places (Puerto Escondido and Chacahua). Oaxaca was also where I met 3 very good friends whom I’ll always remember and keep in touch with. Oaxaca’s magic was not lost on me.

Mezcal cup
Oaxaca market

In the city, everyone gravitates towards the market at some point. One of it is just for food and the other sells goods. You can find lots of oaxacan-made products, mezcal, sombreros, lots of spices, handmade souvenirs etc. Vendors are not known to haggle well, but they weren’t expensive so I just didn’t bother much. I got some mezcal cups and a few bottles of mezcal, worm salt and a magnet. All for like $30sgd.

Hierve El Agua

I stayed at Casa Angel Hostel which was great. There was a communal kitchen with free breakfast every morning and also a rooftop bar where everyone hung out at night. You can get cheap shots and beer. Sometimes there’s salsa, sometimes pizza night. Sometimes everyone goes out to bars together. That’s where I met my 2 friends who eventually convinced me to go to Puerto Escondido, one of my fav places in the world now. I paid $16sgd per night for Casa Angel. Beds were clean, room was big for the 10 bedder. And communal bathrooms were clean with strong showers. Location of the hostel was 10 mins walk to the centre of town, convenient access to the market and bars etc.

That’s it for oaxaca City! Only spent a couple of nights there but it’s a great place to stop over before going to Mexico City or puerto or anywhere else really. Oaxaca is definitely one of my highly recommended cities to add to your trip. Adiós.

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