Berlin bound

When I left for Mexico, I was a broken shell of a person I used to be. Day by day, I rediscovered pieces of myself and even found new sides of me I never knew of. With every new place I visited, and every new friend I made, I became stronger and more confident of this new Jane I was becoming.

Mexico turned out to be extremely easy to travel around, and just like any other country, they have found ways to work around the loose laws and still make tourism work despite everyone’s view of it being dangerous. Most Singaporeans think of Mexico as scenes out of Narcos or Money Heist. I’m sure these events do occur but I was never once made to feel afraid. I did see a dead body once, but thankfully it wasn’t gory and I’m sure I’ve seen more dead bodies in traffic accidents in Singapore anyway.

If you practice wise traveling habits, you can go anywhere with a heart full of wonder and a desire to learn and absorb the beauty around every corner.

What lies there might just surprise you.

Goodbyes though, are what tugs at your heart strings. You meet a bunch of people, form genuine connections, travel together and make long lasting memories. And then paths diverge and people start saying their goodbyes.

I’m not great at goodbyes. And I choose never to get used to it. But goodbyes are a part of the journey, and every goodbye leads to new experiences.

So goodbye, Boise, thank you for being kind to me. Berlin, I’ll see you soon.

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