How to start healing

  1. It’s gonna be painful. You can’t avoid it. When you feel it, let yourself feel it. Imagine a tunnel of your feelings. Go through it and not around it. Because we all know going through the tunnel will get you to your goal faster than hiking 5 hours around it. It might make you double over, clench your chest from the ache and it might be hard to breathe or even stand. So breathe in and out, one breath at a time. Walk one step at a time.
  2. Eat. You have to eat if not you’re not going to get better. I promise you. If you can’t eat, ask a friend to force you to eat. You need to eat so your mind can clear its thoughts.
  3. Cry. I want you to cry it out. If you haven’t already been crying, watch Marley and Me, or any sad movies that would make you cry. And when you feel that uncontrollable urge to cry, you belt it out. You sob hard. You find a room, a beach, a mountain, somewhere and you scream it out.
  4. Write your thoughts out. If you feel pain, you write out the word pain. Say it out. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Write or speak your feelings out so they lose their hold on you.
  5. Make sure you sleep. If you can’t sleep, drink alcohol. If you don’t drink, take a pill. But only rely on crutches for a week at best and then slowly reduce your dependency on it.
  6. No drugs. It’s not a compromise. No. Drugs. You need a clear mind.
  7. Pray. This is technically be the first thing you do, but do this when you have strength to. Pray and lament your sorrows to God and I promise you he will be there with an embrace. You will feel him lift you up and be with you. Pray, for God is listening and waiting patiently, for us to run into his arms and be comforted.
  8. Have blind faith. I know it feels like this is never ending. This feeling of betrayal, this anger, this sorrow, this sadness, this guilt and shame, this psychotic break where you feel like you don’t know yourself or who you are or who anyone really is. But have blind faith that things will be more than okay, and not in weeks, or even days. In 3 hours things will be better than they are now.
  9. Smile every morning. When you wake up, smile to yourself. Look at your body, and be grateful that you have it. Look at the people you love and be grateful they are there. If someone gives you a hug, take it in and smile to your friend for it. Say good morning to your neighbours and people. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, do it anyway. Your body knows how to react that you really feel.

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